Dear Wendi,
I’m finally settling in here, and love it! Thank you so much for making it all so easy. You were on top of every detail, even getting me carpet cleaning discounts! When the skies clear some, it will be time for a party. I’ll let you know when. Thank you again Wendi, and best wishes for a new year! -Doug

Dear Wendi,
Thank you so much for being the ultimate real estate agent. You stuck with us for years in spite of our ambivalence and difficult behavior. And you helped us finally get the perfect house. We will always be grateful to you, and we will recommend you to everyone, without reservation! Please use us as a reference. -Warmly, Cathy & Howard
Dear Wendi,
Thanks so much for all your help. You really made a rather scary, though exciting event seem easy, simple, and fun. We sure did appreciate it! You stuck with us even through our vague and changing house needs. You were realistic with us and helped us narrow down to what was possible. We would be happy to recommend you at any time. We’re still mostly in boxes as yet due to lack of time, but please drop by sometime if you are over this way. Thank you again! -Sincerely, Nancy, Mike, & Robin

Dear Wendi,
You can do it all! Sales, listings, and more sales! You are a great model for success, organization, and a wonderful spirit. Best wishes to you both professionally and personally. You are a champion! -Mark

We can’t thank you enough for your incredible work. We just cannot imagine us making this transition without you. How thankful we are to have you as a friend, member of our church family, and also to have had you by our side as the incredible, professional that you are - totally invaluable. Your commitment to excellence and professionalism is impeccable, but most valued by us is your integrity, kindness, and your commitment through the whole process of updating, staging, managing the piles of paperwork, and all the necessary steps to sell our home and make this transition possible for our family.
You have blessed us. Our thanks to you and your team. Stay true to who you are. You shine and truly make a difference Wendi. 
-Most Sincerely, Lisa (and the entire Dunn family)

 From the point that I contacted Wendi, even before we met, she immediately presented me with a proposal including a marketing program, schedule and budget to sell my property. Scope, Schedule, Budget, key elements. It was that response that most impressed me. I interviewed five agents, two from Coldwell Banker and three from other brokerages. No one came across quite like Wendi. Being involved in several major real estate transactions over my career, and most recently six personal residential transactions over the last 27 months, I found Wendi and Cesar to be on the top of my list professionally. From the very beginning they hit the ground running from market analysis, staging the property, producing the collateral, placing the ads and showing the property. Never in my experience have I had such a continued effort in 'getting the job done' right up to the all cash, no contingency, two week close offer and conclusion. 

As in every transaction there are challenges and in this case we had a last minute funding shortage from the foreign buyer not providing his closing expenses which could have delayed the recording. Wendi handled the situation with the buyer's agent so as to not miss a beat nor delay the closing by having the agent and his brokerage cover the shortage so we could close on time and before the weekend as planned and as I expected. Make the deal happen, I love it!

The Menlo Park market is certainly changing, challenging and competitive. I can honestly say that there is no other agent I would want on my side other than Wendi for a lot of reasons too extensive to list. 

From the six transactions I have had with my personal residential properties, in different markets, Coldwell Banker have handled three of them. Coldwell Banker by far have out performed the others in managing the transactions and bringing a valuable conclusion. Wendi is a very big part of that.
-Regards, Doug

Hi Wendi,

I'd like to express how much I appreciate you for selling our home at Hillcrest Way.
I was right to pick you as the realtor for selling the house; David must be delighted to see the result.
It was very helpful that you contacted with the county office for merging two properties and you were with me to talk to Ivan at the county office. The process went very well quickly and smoothly. 
It was very supportive that you talked to the neighbor about the fallen tree. Also you called the tree company to remove it very fast. Your workers such as the stager, the hauler, the roofer and the painter, were excellent. They transformed the house beautifully and efficiently to attract to the buyers. It was sad for Kai and me to let the house go; however, we are pleased to have a new owners who appreciate David's art. 

Thank you very much for giving me your idea, energy and passion to transform the house. I couldn't sell it without you.

Best Regards,
Sachiko and Kai